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Written by:Jennifer Lesczinski
1/27/2009 12:55 PM 

We now offer the full line of Daniel Smith Watercolors and we invite you to give them a try with 40% Off the manufacturer's list price!

With over 200 artist watercolors, this line has the most watercolor paints out there!  thir shades range from natural earthtones to the brightest bolds that modern technology can offer.  Daniel Smith's paint making lab carefully selections gorgeous pigments from all over the world to blends with the finest imported Gum Arabic.  The entire process is done by hand to make unique colors of impressive quality.  The sheer amount of pigment packed into each Daniel Smith tube is simply exceptional!

If you are a watercolor artist, we hope you consider trying this just may become your new favorite!
  Click Here to Order or View This Line! 


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