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Written by:Jennifer Lesczinski
1/28/2009 10:43 AM 

Our Enkaustikos staff recently decided to revise our encaustic sets and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results!

We designed a variety of sets to help appeal to artists of different skill levels and with different goals in mind.  Some sets are for artists who are simply looking to expand their collection of encaustic supplies.  Other sets are perfect for those new to medium.  While some are created with certain techniques like glazing or portraiture in mind.  So wax paint colors and encaustic tools are included within these sets depending on what the set is intended for.

These sets would make great gift ideas for encaustic artists but also can help you enhance your own encaustic studio supplies.  Refresh your color palette or try out new techniques!

The prices vary per set as well as the amount of products included, so be sure to read each set description thoroughly to find out which set fits your needs best!  We can assure you that they all include high quality encaustic products!  

Click Here to Order on FineArtStore!

Or Learn More about These Sets On Our New
Enkaustikos! Website!


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