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Written by:Jennifer Lesczinski
10/16/2009 10:15 AM 

We have a lot of great classes coming up within the next few months.  This October we have two coming up really soon in fact!

On October 21st from 10am-3pm there is a Chine Colle: Collage in Printmaking class!  Learn to make collages on the printmaking press and explore the technique of chine-colle in order to make mixed media artwork.   It is $67 to register.

On October 31st from 9:30am-3:30pm we have a Painterly Printmaking: Collagraphs made easy class with Bernice Cross.  In this course, collagraphs are made fun, spontaneous, and truly spark your experimenting imagination.   This class is $85 to register.

In November, we have a three more great classes.  November 6th there is a Monotype Printmaking class with Phyllis Bryce Ely, November 11th a Pop-Up Books class with Masha Ryskin, and November 14th Jeffrey Swaluk returns for Simplify Your Paintings Part 2!


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